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  • Autonomy Extension

    This solution offers a convenient option for discerning managers to avoid expensive logistics associated with ensuring uninterrupted power supply to their critical applications like server rooms and telecom equipment that require 24-hour power supply. Even when other services can afford to cope with several hours of outage as it has become a second nature with the local utility supply, critical I.T and telecom equipment cannot. Serious companies therefore keep running expensive 24-hour stand-by generators even if only for their critical and I.T and telecom requirements

    At Powerex , we provide solutions for your critical power system extending beyond the few minutes that a normal UPS provides ,which itself act as a bridge between the primary source (utility) and an auxiliary source (generators) or vice versa providing autonomy over a longer period of time, possibly several days according to client needs.
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    Integrated Power Quality Improvement


    Common situations arises within and outside the power system that lead to common power quality problems such as harmonics, 3-phase imbalance, transients, under-voltage, over-voltage, low power factor, etc. All these combine leading to power supply problems with attendant technical and economic consequences. Powerex offers a multiple approach to power quality improvement that comprehensively addresses power quality problems based on peculiarities of each site. The integrated power quality solution is equipped with optional bypass.s so that power-dependent services are not jeopardized in the occasional event of maintenance or unlikely event fault.

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    Powerex System Management & Audit

    Powerex offers unique cutting-edge power system management and audit for large facilities owners- commercial, residential or industrial. These include:

    1. System optimization
    2. Capacity upgrade
    3. Load profiling
    4. System trend analyses
    5. Power system investigation and audit – both functional and components, and other customer-specific system requirements.

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    Custom Integrated Solutions

    • 1.1MVA Frequency converter from 60Hz to 50Hz
    • Mains frequency conversion (50Hz from 60Hz) for a 450hp kW Industrial compressor
    • 72hr DC storage system
    • System autonomy extension for I.T and Telecoms

We Do It Right

Our solutions are tailored to solve your power issues ranging from:
• Power quality improvement/ protection • Data Center power • Extended backup • Telemetry & remote monitoring • Energy cost savings • Customized solutions